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An interesting article in The Guardian on how to be more persuasive. Looking at job applications, they say ‘one of the most effective ways to be seen as an honest and credible applicant is also one of the most surprising: admit a weakness in your application’

‘In one study, several hundred CVs were sent in response to an advertisement, together with a covering letter from the “applicant”. In fact, though, there were two versions of the covering letter. The first contained wholly positive information about why the applicant was best suited to the job. However, the second contained a small drawback about the applicant’s suitability that appeared immediately before the candidate communicated the strongest reason why they were best suited for the job (maybe they had four years’ experience rather than the desired five).

The study authors concluded that the reason the second letter generated many more invitations to attend an interview was that the covering letter had gained a credibility and trustworthiness that the first did not.’

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