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Some of my clients take some time off between jobs and travel. It’s a great idea – it gives you a break, time to heal yourself of the emotional impact of leaving a job and space to start re-imagining the future.

My sister Liz has taken it one step further. She wanted a change so she applied to emigrate to Canada. Not sure of where she wants to live, and wanting to get to know her adopted country better, she decided to cycle across Canada.

Yes, that’s right. She started in St John’s Newfoundland, and will be cycling across to the West Coast, taking a few detours through the Rockies (she is a keen skier and wants to live in a ski resort).

Liz has talked about moving to Canada for years.  She has done some big cycle tours before, but none quite as big as this one.  The difference between Liz and many people is that she decided what she wanted to do and she made it happen.

What is your dream project?  What would you need to do to make it a reality?

Why don’t you start with a little research: how can you find out more? What would it involve?

Crossing Canada by bike sounds like an awfully long way, but it is made up of small distances each day. The important thing is starting the journey and keep moving forward. What is the first step on your journey?

You can read more about Liz’s adventure on her blog: http://cyclingcanadacoast2coast.wordpress.com/

She’s planning on camping most of the time, though if you live on the route I’m sure she’d be very grateful for a bed for the night (or even a garden to camp in).

She is an inspirational example of a woman in her 40s who enjoys taking on a challenge. And she’s an ordinary human being. If she can do it, so can you.


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When I started coaching people being made redundant, I was surprised to find out how many people saw redundancy as a positive opportunity. Many of them had become stuck in a job that didn’t give them what they really wanted, and redundancy gave them the push in the backside they needed (plus the finanical cushion) to get a better job.

It is really easy to stay in a job because it is secure, safe, easy, pays the mortgage. It is hard to leave all of that and take a step into the unknown, the big scary world out there. Sometimes you need a push.

What messages have you been ignoring? Maybe it’s being passed over for a promotion yet again. Maybe it’s a big birthday. Maybe it’s seeing your friends doing really well in their career while you are stagnating in yours. Maybe it’s just a growing sense of low-grade unhappiness.

Are these signals getting louder?  Are you getting to the point when these niggles and doubts are big enough to push you into doing something about it? Then do something about it!

Start with small steps. Maybe you want to read some books on changing career (there are some recommendations here: books ), read some blogs and websites, do some exercises (there are some links here: exercises ). Maybe you just want to start talking about it with your partner or friends.

More than any of these ‘doing’ things, make a ‘being’ change. Make a commitment to yourself – this is not good enough, you want a job you love. You have loads to offer. You and the world are missing out if you are not fulfilling your potential. Somewhere out there is a job with your name on it. Commit to finding it.

Alternatively, you could wait until you are made redundant.

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